Friday, June 21, 2013



The Rupee is weak and the Dollar is strong. If a tourist comes from America,he
carries his national currencyi.e Dollar.The US Dollar fetches him Rs.59.78,whereas 
an Indian going to America carrying his national currency i.e Rupees has to pay Rs.59.78 toget  get one US Dollar.What does this mean?.  An American Tourist  can 
spend freely in India and enjoy a beautiful holiday in any place he wants, but an Indian Tourist visiting America has to calculate every rupee before
 spending. This is what the true economy is about. This is what our governments from 1947 has done for the Indian Citizens.The present quote of the rupee
vis-a-vis the US Dollar is  at the weakest level since independence.

I am waiting for a day when the US Dollar and the rupee quote the same,i.e one
Dollar for one rupee.. Is it a pipe dream? or asking for too much?

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