Thursday, June 27, 2013



Recently Mr.Veerappa Moily,Minister for Petroleum said that the oil import lobby
is threatening every Petroleum Minister  and he said that he cannot be threatened.
When the media asked former Minister Mr.Ram Naik,who was petroleum Minister
for 5 years in NDA government about this,he said,he was never threatened.We
wonder why the media did not follow up this story.If Mr.Moily's comments are
true ,the government must come out with clarification immediately.The rupee is
at all time low of Rs.60.70 .Will there be any link between the two as India is
the third biggest oil importer in the world.

We wish the media follow up the story and come out with the facts as the comments
are made by the senior cabinet minister of UPA.He is the man who call a  spade 
a spade.

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