Saturday, March 14, 2015


BCIC (earlier known as Greater Mysore Chamber 
of Industry (GMCI) is the Apex Chamber of 
Commerce representing large and medium industries in the state of karnataka.

The Chamber represents 95% of the capital investment and 
and 90% of labour employed in the state of karnataka.The Chamber has a membership
of 600 companies representing various sectors of the industry sch as 
manufacturing,IT/ITES,Biotechnology,Engineering,Consultancy& Legal firms etc.

BCIC is organising 5th edition of the BCIC Corporate Golf Tournament 2015
on Saturday,March,14,2015  at the Prestige Golf Course  near Nandi Hills.This
Tournament is aimed at to promote "Spirit of ownership".BCIC's Golf
Tournament is gaining leadership position among corporate leaders,senior
bureaucrats,Consul / Trade representatives, celebrities & leading sportspersons.

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