Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mr.Quentin Mounier,ABE/BCI Aerospace addressing the media.Ms.Mary Koshy (seated)
representing Expandys.

Aeromart Summit is te premier B to B networking platform for the aerospace industry.Unlike an airshow,there are no flight demonstrations and is not open
to public.Aeromart summit is wholly focussed on building 
business to business and connects manufacturers,suppliers and buyers in the aeronautical field.

Aeromart Summit is organised by
BCI Aerospace,the first edition of the Aeromart Summit India will 
be held  on  November 18th to 20th 2014 in Bangalore,India. India is considered as one of the most growing aerospace sectors in the world and is rapidly becoming an important geo-strategic
location for the aerospace sector. For more details please visit

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